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Expandable Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Taking The Hassle Out Of Getting It There

Are you in the market for bathroom vanity cabinets but worry whether or not you'll be able to get them through the front door, let alone into the bathroom?

Let's face it, these useful bathroom furnishings add storage space and visual pop to any bathroom but they're still pieces of furniture. And moving furniture around is not always easy.

If this has been your bathroom vanity dilemma the problem just became a little easier to solve thanks to Kohler's line of expandable bathroom vanity cabinets.

You now have a choice from among several lines of wooden bathroom vanities that can be easily brought into your home and into the bathroom.

By now you're probably wondering what the catch is...

Kohler® Expandable Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Actually, there is no catch. Just some ingenious engineering on Kohler's part.

You're probably familiar with Kohler, maker of bath and kitchen fixtures, among a host of other products. One of the neatest items in their lineup of bath furnishings is an expandable bathroom vanity (collapsible is probably a better descriptor). The entire "box" that makes up the vanity (without the vanity top however) collapses into a fraction of the vanity's actual size.

How do they do it? The key lies in the use of their Express™ hinge system. This is a unique feature that basically allows the vanity cabinet's frame to fold at various joints, allowing the vanity's side panels to "accordion" together. Assembly simply entails pulling the cabinet sides apart, installing the floor panel and the front cabinet doors. The Express™ hinges lock themselves into place to make the assembly rigid and ready for duty.

So What Are The Benefits?

The primary advantage of this kind of expandable bathroom vanity cabinet is the ability to get it into places that might pose a challenge for other types of bathroom vanity units. It also doesn't require a lot of assembly work nor any tools thanks to the folding-hinge framework. Sure, you'll have to buy and attach a vanity top but that's no different than what's required for a lot of other bathroom vanities.

If you take this concept one step further, it might even allow you to bring a vanity into a location that otherwise might not accommodate one at all. I can conceive of some compact homes or condominiums that won't accept certain sizes of furniture because of small hallways with tight corners. The bathroom might be big enough to accept a larger vanity but getting it there might be impossible unless it's built in place.

Assorted Sizes and Vanity Tops

These unique bathroom vanities are available in four standard widths of 24", 30", 36" and 48". Bathroom vanity tops are not included but they have the ability to accept various tops including stone and solid surface. Kohler also makes several vanity tops that can be paired with these vanities.

Four styles are available allowing you to match various types of bathroom decor. Construction is a combination of wood and wood veneers. The finish is a moisture resistant catalyzed polyurethane, necessary in moist bathroom environments.

Costs are comparable to other wood vanities that are similar in size and quality. The Kohler website quotes list prices ranging from about $500 to approximately $750, depending on size and model. Slightly lower prices can be found through online vanity shopping sites.

There are plenty of choices in bathroom vanity cabinets and a number of issues to consider when choosing one. Kohler's line of expandable wooden bathroom vanities brings a unique approach by addressing the problem of transportation and installation. It's one way to achieve the look you want in your bathroom for a little less hassle.

You can take a look at these vanities by clicking on the video image below.

You can also see how these vanities collapse and expand in this video link.

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