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BamLoc™ Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

If you're looking for a durable and eco-friendly floor, particularly one that can be installed in short order, take a look at BamLoc™ strand woven bamboo flooring. It combines the durability of strand woven bamboo with the easy installation of a floating floor.

BamLoc™ is the first 100% solid, wide-plank, strand-woven floating bamboo floor with a unique interlocking design. It's designed to click or lock together, so the installation can be done by a do-it-yourselfer. The sustainability, durability, and natural beauty of strand-woven bamboo flooring make it a popular choice for homeowners, builders and remodelers.

Bamboo flooring is made by gluing strips of bamboo together. These strips are cut from the round "stalks" (also known as "culms") and oriented in either a vertical or horizontal direction.

Strand woven bamboo on the other hand is made from bamboo fibers that are tightly glued together under high pressure. The result is a very hard form of bamboo flooring.

BamLoc™ strand woven bamboo with high density and superior durability is perfect for recreation rooms, family rooms, bedrooms and other heavy traffic areas. BamLoc™ is also ideal for condominiums and spaces with subfloor environments like basements and lower levels. Mr. Bamboo, Inc. the manufacturer, has designed it for easy installation on any type of subfloor with savings in installation costs too.

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Mr. Bamboo created BamLoc™ to be just as strong as BamStrand™, the company's nail-down bamboo floor. BamLoc™ is not a composite, it is the latest innovation in bamboo flooring and the only solid bamboo floating floor in the market. BamLoc™ is the only 100% strand-woven floating bamboo floor with a glue-less locking system. It is easy to install and proficient do-it-yourselfers can lay a floor in a weekend.

An Engineered Bamboo Floating Floor

BamLoc™ is an engineered floor with a healthy finish which is great for greening up your home. It contains no VOCs and utilizes a formaldehyde-free adhesive in the lamination process and conforms to the stringent European E1 standards for formaldehyde emissions. The flooring is finished with six coats of a water-based ceramic sealer finish. This finish is also solvent-free and non-off gassing so it provides a healthier environment in the home.

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BamLoc's random lengths of 2', 4', and 6' sections are 5 1/8" wide and 7/16" thick, enabling interesting floor designs. Mr. Bamboo offers BamLoc™ in two rich colors - natural and coffee, with the color going through the material. Each BamLoc™ carton holds approximately 20 square feet of product so a 15' x 18' room would need approximately 14 boxes of BamLoc™. Homeowners and contractors are advised to add 7-10% extra material for cutting and difficult layout situations.

Stronger than Oak & Eco-Friendly

Although many of the characteristics of bamboo hardwood flooring are similar to those of hardwoods, bamboo is not a wood. It is classified as a grass and is much stronger than some hardwoods.

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Durability and stability needn't be a worry as Mr. Bamboo quotes this bamboo flooring as being 100% harder than red oak and 80% harder than maple. Bamboo doesn't shrink or swell like most hardwoods and BamLoc's strand woven bamboo flooring is much harder than conventional bamboo flooring and generally considered appropriate for commercial and other high-traffic areas.

Unlike typical hardwood trees, bamboo takes much less time to grow and mature. It also regenerates from the remaining bamboo plant after harvest. This combination of quick growth and regeneration make it a very sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

There are hundreds of bamboo species that grow almost everywhere in the world. Mr. Bamboo harvests the larger bamboo species called "Moso" in an area where it grows and regenerates naturally. Bamboo is a very stable material for flooring, because it absorbs less moisture and does not shrink or swell as much as other hardwood material.

More information on BamLoc™ is available at www.mrbambooflooring.com or 888-672-2628 or via email at info@mrbambooflooring.com.

More information about choosing bamboo flooring and strand woven bamboo can be found here.

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