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Kids Carpet

A Whimsical And Fun Style Alternative

When it comes to buying new carpet, most of us probably think in adult terms, regardless of the room it's intended for.

But what if it's the nursery we're decorating, or the playroom?

What about a basement that doubles as the indoor soccer field and jungle gym for your growing kids? Shouldn't there be a bit more imagination involved? Well, when it comes to carpeting there is an alternative: it's called kids carpet.

A Departure From Mundane Carpeting

kids carpets

Kids carpet is carpeting and area rugs that leave the bland adult world behind for a place of bright colors, patterns and whimsical designs that are much more appealing to the youngest among us. Kids carpet can be wall-to-wall or just an area rug but regardless of the type, it's sure to brighten a child's room as well as her imagination.

If you're not familiar with carpet for kids it's only difference from typical carpeting is the print or pattern. It uses the same materials and construction as its more mundane 'adult' counterpart. Nylon is usually the material that's used because it offers the best combination of durability and stain resistance although other materials like polyester can be used as well.

It's the patterns and colors however that set kids carpet apart from the carpet we use to cover the family room floor. Whether you're interested in a specific theme, educational rugs or just looking for something to liven up a child's room, there's usually a rug that fits the bill.

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Being the father of three boys, I've seen our basement used as everything from a makeshift playing field to a wrestling mat. A carpet for kids emblazoned with a football field would have surely elevated our games (not to mention being easier on my knees).

My youngest son's affinity for toy cars was brought to a new level when he was given an area rug for his bedroom printed with roads and highways. He spent countless hours on the rug, his Mom and I hopeful in his future as a traffic engineer (though more likely a NASCAR driver in his mind).

Where To Find Kids Carpet

There are several sources for kids carpets but one that I like in particular is KidCarpet.com. They offer a wide assortment of styles and patterns suitable for children of various ages. Their site is easy to navigate and clearly laid out.

They offer free samples of their carpeting provided you send them back when you're finished. Returning the samples allows them to be reused and avoids cluttering up landfills with thrown-out carpet samples. I also like the fact that they give back, with a portion of every sale going to benefit the Cooperative For Education. It's a non-profit Cincinnati based organization dedicated to providing reading and educational materials to children in need.

Neighborhood Rug - KidCarpet.com

Beyond their wide selection, one of my favorite products that they offer and one that I think is truly innovative and fun is their 'Design Your Own Carpet' collection.

There are 4 ways to design your own carpet. With "Carpet Expressions" a border of your choice surrounds your name or any statement you want to make in the middle. "Carpet Cocoon" and "Carpet Cubes" use carpet tiles of various colors and designs to create any floor pattern that you wish.

My favorite however has to be "CarpetArt", which turns virtually any image or picture you can provide into a carpet. Is your child a budding artist? Take a digital photo of one of their masterpieces, send it to KidCarpet.com and have it made into a carpet or rug. It's definitely a one-of-a-kind creation and a terrific way of giving a room some real individuality.

If you're looking to decorate your child's room or playroom, consider buying a kid carpet. It's a unique way to bring some color and liveliness into your child's environment.

You can find carpets and rugs designed just for kids at KidCarpet.com.

Rob Levesque

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