Budget Kitchen Makeovers

Update Your Kitchen At A Cost You Can Afford

"Kitchen makeovers" means different things to different people but "budget kitchen makeovers" only means one thing -- getting an updated kitchen at a price you can afford.

Everyone wants a kitchen that not only performs well but looks nice too. Living with drab cabinets or laminate countertops in a color that can best be described as "out of date" makes the whole house seem run down. If you cringe at the thought of having friends over because of what they might think of your kitchen, it's time for a change.

Low-Cost Changes With A Big Impact

A fresh look for your kitchen is definitely possible with affordable changes that you can easily make. It's simply a matter of knowing what products and ideas are out there that can help you do that.

You might be surprised at the number of products that are specifically designed to give your kitchen a fresh facelift at a reasonable price. Whether you want to change the look of your countertops, freshen up your cabinets or give your backsplash a new look, these products and ideas can help you update your kitchen without the cost and hassle that come with a full-blown kitchen remodel.

And it doesn't take much to change the appearance and feel of your kitchen for the better. A new look for your countertops or an updated backsplash can really change the mood and quality of your kitchen. Your countertops, the backsplash and the cabinets are big contributors to the "visual impression" in your kitchen. Changing even one of these items for the better can have a big impact.

It's the concept of 'a little goes a long way' at work.

And you can find out just what those products and makeover ideas are in. . .

"The Frugal Kitchen Facelift"

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Ideas At Your Fingertips Without All The Searching

Looking for the right ways to freshen up your kitchen takes time, whether it's on the internet or in some bookstore. Instead, spend your free time tending to the more important things in your life rather than searching for makeover ideas.

The Frugal Kitchen Facelift saves you the time and hassle of trying to find affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen because the research has been done for you. It shows you the products and ideas that can change your countertops, cabinets, backsplash and even the look of your appliances.

It goes even further by showing you what they cost and how much time it should take to make the changes.

It's all here so you can quickly identify which makeovers you want to tackle and where to go to get the products or materials you need. You spend your valuable time doing the more important things, not searching for ideas.

The beauty of this PDF guide is that it's "interactive" because it's filled with links to various resources on the web that supplement the information in the guide. Use it with your laptop, home computer or any e-reader that can use PDFs and link out to the internet.

As a result you'll have more time to spend as you see fit, rather than spending it looking for ways to fix your kitchen. The ideas and the products that can change your kitchen are all here. You save time because they're right there at your fingertips.

What You Get In "The Frugal Kitchen Facelift"

Here's how The Frugal Kitchen Facelift can help change your kitchen. . .

Low Cost Countertop Makeovers

Do you have laminate countertops that are chipped and scratched or just too ugly to bear for one more day? Don't worry. There are creative ways to change those countertops into something that'll delight you each morning as you enter your kitchen.

The Frugal Kitchen Facelift will show you just how you can do that, from really quick changes to ideas you can do in a weekend. You might be surprised at how a few simple techniques and low-cost products can change your old laminate countertops for the better.

"But I've always wanted granite", you say. This guide will show you that if you prefer a granite countertop, there are several ways you can have granite for less than what you'd expect to pay, at very affordable prices.

Budget Backsplash Makeovers

In many kitchens the backsplash is a big part of the "face" that greets everyone who enters. Even if it's not a focal point, it's a big space that's hard to miss. If you want to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money, you can get a lot of 'bang-for-your-buck' simply by sprucing up the backsplash.

If the thought of using traditional tile, with mortar and grout seems like too much fuss, you have alternatives. The Frugal Kitchen Facelift will show you several ways to give your backsplash a completely new look and it doesn't necessarily have to be with traditional ceramic tile. In fact, even if you have an existing tile backsplash, there are ways to change it to something completely different using some innovative and easy-to-use products.

Cabinet Facelift

Cabinets that are dirty, dark or simply the wrong color can make your kitchen look dated and worn out. Buying new cabinets however can cost in the thousands and if your cabinets are structurally sound, it's a shame to tear them out and pay for new ones.

Giving your cabinets a new lease on life is not difficult and it doesn't have to be expensive either. In this guide you'll find the precise methods for taking your existing cabinets and making them look fresh, clean and most of all, appealing. There are techniques for changing the look of laminate cabinets and even stained wood cabinets too.

Change The Look Of Your Appliances

Buying new appliances, particularly when the old ones still work well is expensive. Why not use the money on other facets of your kitchen upgrade and instead, change the look of your appliances? In this kitchen makeovers E-book you'll find out how to do that, from very inexpensive and whimsical ideas to ways that can get the look of stainless steel.

A Makeover Guide That's "Different"

Kitchen makeover ideas aren't necessarily born equal. Sure, you might be aware of the more common things you can do to change your kitchen -- like paint the walls a new color, use new cabinet hardware or change out your faucets. These ideas are fine but that's not exactly what this guide is all about.

The Frugal Kitchen Facelift is a bit different than the more conventional makeover articles you see. This guide pulls together a specific number of ideas and products that are aimed at changing the look of specific parts of your kitchen, and at a price that isn't budget-busting. You might be surprised at what's available and this guide pulls those methods, ideas and products together in one spot.

Plus, The Frugal Kitchen Facelift gives you access to the opinions of people who have used these products and techniques. Within the guide itself are links to comments and forums out on the web where people have "gone public" about their experience. Use that input along with your own thoughts to decide if this or that approach is the right one for your kitchen.

You could say that there's some "social proof" sprinkled in this makeover guide.

Refresh Your Kitchen At Your Own Pace

Ultimately you'd probably like to make changes to your entire kitchen but sometimes other priorities get in the way. Instead, change your kitchen in steps. As your finances and time permit, take it one piece at a time. Having all these makeover ideas in one place allows you the freedom to pick and choose at a pace that works for you.

Ask yourself what you want to change the most and start with that. Then, move on to the other areas of your kitchen. You'll have all the ideas in one convenient spot, along with what they cost and where to get them. And there's also those live links to more information on the web, for your convenience, as you need them.

A "Bridge" Until That Dream Remodel

Do you have bigger dreams for your kitchen? Some kitchens just need a total re-do for a variety of reasons but doing it right now just isn't feasible. Maybe you need time to save more money or have to wait until the kids are out of college. Regardless of your reasons it doesn't mean you have to put up with an uninviting kitchen until that day comes.

Use the makeover products and ideas in The Frugal Kitchen Facelift to freshen up your kitchen until the time comes for the big remodel. Pick and choose which ideas will make your kitchen a more pleasing and inviting space.

These affordable ideas let you change your kitchen for the better now, without a big investment of time or money. You'll be able to enjoy your kitchen more until the time comes to make bigger and more expensive changes later on.

Discover Over 30 Makeover Products & Ideas That Can Give Your Kitchen A Completely New Look

My wish is to help you find the right products, the right tools and the right ideas that can give your kitchen a new lease on life and that's what this guide is all about.

Read it, examine it and check out what it has to offer for up to 60 days with no risk. If at any time within those 60 days you decide it's not for you, I'll gladly send you a full refund. No questions, no hassle and no reason needed.

Don't settle for a kitchen that's dreary or makes you feel self-conscious about how it looks.

Instead, discover the easy and inexpensive ways you have to turn it into a place where you'll love to be. Just imagine yourself sipping your morning coffee in a kitchen that's inviting and you feel good about.

One More Thing... There are plenty of ways to get a great looking kitchen without tearing out cabinets and walls. The makeover products showcased in this guide can help you do that. But it's up to you to take action. Your kitchen won't change itself.

A great looking kitchen can be yours. Make it the inviting space you really want it to be. Order your copy of The Frugal Kitchen Facelift and start on your kitchen update today.

You have absolutely nothing to lose with the no-risk guarantee.

Change Your Kitchen Today

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