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Who's That Publisher Guy?

If you're on this page it's probably because you're curious to know who's behind the information on this website.


My name is Rob Levesque, founder and publisher of HomeStyleChoices.com. I developed this site in response to what I saw as a lack of cohesive information about the products and services available to a homeowner when remodeling or building a home. From there it's widened to include the broader concept of home design, or in my simplified terms, "making your home the way you want it to be."

I'm trained as an engineer and my life before writing and publishing was spent in the aerospace industry. Despite my fascination with airplanes I am also the son of a carpenter. Growing up I was never far from the sound of my father's hammer and saw, as he "remodeled" our house one room at a time.

Somewhere along the line I developed (or found) a deep appreciation for the impact that a home's design has on my psyche. It hit home (pardon the pun) when I went to my first Parade of HomesSM tour and experienced some truly great home designs. To this day the particular way a home is "designed", the way it's shaped, arranged and decorated, has an almost visceral impact on me, either positive or negative. It showed me the influence that a home's design has on the quality and enjoyability for the people who live there.

When preparing to remodel my own home it was clear to me that getting the right design was important, one that my family could truly enjoy within the confines of our budget. However I found that the design and research process was an exhausting and somewhat random process. The information wasn't consolidated, and it took an inordinate amount of time researching, collecting and assimilating this information. Then we had to figure out specifically which products we wanted and where to go to get them.

On top of that was the fact that I found some products purely by accident. That showed me that our choices were limited by what we were "aware of", from something we had seen before or or stumbled across during mind-numbing internet surfing. It was one of these 'random finds' that prompted me to start this business, understanding that if there was a better resource for understanding what our options were from the start, we'd be better equipped to make more effective design and buying decisions.

Fast-forward to the present, and the existence of this website. I research, write and compile this information so that homeowners like you can benefit. My hope is to alleviate some of the time and overwhelm that comes with "home development", a term I coined to represent getting your home the way you want it to be, whether you're remodeling or building a new home.

So explore the site, get informed about the choices you have and most importantly, enjoy the process.

Rob Levesque