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A New Kitchen Backsplash In No Time

One of the more innovative kitchen backsplash ideas I've come across has to be the Broan® Decorative Backsplash. When you consider that most kitchen backsplashes are permanent fixtures, you'll have to agree that Broan's pre-made backsplash is something different.

A No-Mess, No-Hassle Tile Backsplash

Broan has developed a ready-made modular backsplash that can be installed in about 10 minutes, turning a plain wall behind the cooktop into one with visual appeal.

It's made from tile and incorporates various kitchen motifs within the tile pattern. The only difference with Broan's backsplash is that it's pre-made.

Broan does this by assembling backsplash tiles into panels, ready for purchase and installation. They attach to the wall with a snug fit using a special bracket.

The backsplash kit comes with the mounting hardware and a template for locating the bracket. You simply install the mounting bracket and hang the backsplash panel, similar to hanging a picture frame. There's no need for you to spend the time choosing, gluing, cutting, grouting and sealing tiles.

Pre-Assembled Backsplashes in Several Designs

Broan's decorative kitchen backsplash comes in four styles. Each style is available in 3 sizes designed to match the width of standard range hoods. Sizes include 30" wide by 14" tall, 30"x20" and 36"x20".

Classico - The Classico model embodies images of items commonly found in the kitchen like the coffee pot, tea kettle, and the saucepan. They're surrounded by tiles in neutral gray-beige tones and framed with a brushed aluminum frame.
Gourmet - The Gourmet backsplash takes a similar kitchen theme with images of the coffee pot, wine bottle and cooking utensils set in a field of tumbled marble.
Spatola - Spatola, the Portuguese word for spatula, portrays three different types of cooking utensils framed among a background of neutral tiles. The backsplash panel itself is framed in a brushed aluminum frame.
Tuscany - The Tuscany backsplash uses porcelain tile and fits a pewter-colored scene in the middle of a field of neutral tiles, framed by a tiled, pewter-tone border.

Publisher's Comments -
My Own Perceptions On This Idea

From a product innovation standpoint, I think Broan's decorative backsplash panels are a step in the right direction. They're an easy way to to quickly add the visual appeal that any backsplash adds to a kitchen.

These kinds of backsplash ideas are good for temporary situations too, for instance if you currently rent or lease an apartment or home. They allow you to quickly add some visual pop to a kitchen and then take it with you when you vacate.

However the price seems a bit steep in my opinion. They can be had at several online retailers in the $300 dollar range. Now maybe that's less than what it would take to get someone to come in and actually assemble a tile backsplash for you. But given the small size of these pre-made backsplashes the cost of purchasing tile for something this size wouldn't come close to that cost.

I'd also like to see more styles added to the lineup to cater to a wider range of artistic tastes. Although these backsplash tiles are pretty neutral, the kitchen motif may not appeal to a broad audience. More sizes and larger panels that could be used on the parts of the wall on either side of a range-top would add to the effect.

One additional point to consider is that while the panel sits flat against the wall, the tiled surface actually stands out a small amount, much the same as a picture frame hanging on the wall. In other words, the tiles aren't flush with the surrounding wall like a permanent tile backsplash.

Overall however I think the idea here is clever and certainly gives you an option for a quick and painless kitchen backsplash without the muss and fuss of installing a more permanent one. The price is something you'll have to consider however, given the relatively small size plus the range of other options you have for a kitchen backsplash.

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