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It's Convenient But Understand The Process

When you're looking to buy bathroom vanities, online shopping affords a wider alternative in many cases than offline brick and mortar stores.

At most home centers and building supply stores you're often limited to basic looking vanities with few options in the way of style or versatility. Buying bathroom vanities online is an option worth checking out, if not for the convenience, at least for the selection that's available.

Using the internet to make larger purchases has become commonplace with just about any type of home product being available online. It's no different for bathroom vanities. Online purchases however do come with some 'rules and regulations' and it'll be worth your while to understand them before proceeding.

Included here are points to consider when buying bathroom vanities online as well as information on where you can find them. If you're just starting the process of looking for the right vanity type, it may help to check out the page on choosing a bathroom vanities. It offers some tips on things you should consider as well as typical styles that are available.

Buying Vanities Online - Benefits And Drawbacks

Buying bathroom vanities online versus in the offline world offers a number of advantages. The downside of the process depends on your perspective.


  • Convenience
    There's a wide variety of vanity styles and options that are available and the easiest way to "see" them is via the internet. You can do it at your convenience, regardless of where you are, provided you have internet access. In many cases you have the ability to sort through the selections by style, type of vanity or price, making the search process easier.
  • Selection
    You won't find a wider selection offline than what you'll see at online vanity retailers. You have the benefit of being able to choose among numerous manufacturers, an advantage you don't get in the offline world where a store may carry only a few brands.
  • Cost Advantages
    When you buy bathroom vanities online you're able to gain some pricing advantages. These come in the form of buying from dealers who purchase large quantities of product or bypass the middleman and can pass the savings on to you. There's also the possibility of not having to pay sales tax in some cases. Shipping is an added cost but some retailers offer free shipping while others offer promotions that include free shipping periodically.


  • Unable To See The Product "In Person"
    You obviously can't touch and feel the product you're considering and for some, this can be a drawback. You can't open and close drawers nor see exactly the quality of construction that's only possible with the product in front of you.
  • Concerns With Online Purchases
    Buying a bathroom vanity online where you may spend several hundred or perhaps several thousand dollars for a large product may be a concern for some, for various reasons.

    Close communication with the retailer to answer all your questions will help allay some of those concerns (if a retailer isn't responsive, move on to another). Working with companies that are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB Online®) and provide information about the security of their site and all transactions may also help minimize any concerns.

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What Are The Differences Among Retailers?

There is no shortage of places to buy bathroom vanities online and the quantity should tell you a little bit about the growing acceptance of making such purchases on the internet. Many of these retailers are similar in their merchandise and pricing but there are differences too, more than just the products themselves.

  • Website Functionality
    The ability to easily sort and search for various types of vanities is a key element in online shopping convenience and this type of functionality will vary. Some have it, some do it better than others and some don't have it at all. It helps tremendously when you can quickly drill down by style or price or whatever other search criteria you want.
  • Amount Of Product Information Provided
    Some online vanity sellers do a better job than others when it comes to giving you information on a particular product. More is usually better since you can't actually "see" the product other than what's provided in a few pictures. Materials, type of construction, size and other details are important decision-making criteria with some sites doing better than others in this category.

Publisher's Comments

If you're interested in a particular vanity but there's a lack of information, don't hesitate to call the company to find out more. I did this to find out the material of a line of vanities offered by one retailer and was provided the answer over the phone. It's also a good way to get a feel for a company's product knowledge and responsiveness. If they're vague, don't know the answer or some other red flags pop up, move on to another source.

  • Policies And Procedures
    The policies for shipping, returns and handling of damaged goods will vary among online vanity sellers. Not only will the policies differ but the amount of information provided will differ as well.

    Be sure you're clear on these policies so that there aren't any surprises should you make a purchase. The high points of the types of policy differences you may encounter are discussed in the "Points To Consider" section below.

The last bullet point above is probably the most significant when considering the various online sources for bathroom vanities. You may be able to find the same type of vanity at more than one source but the key differentiators may be in their terms and policies.

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Points To Consider

The process for buying a vanity online isn't difficult but it does require that you be aware of some key points so that you're ultimately satisfied with your purchase.

  1. Be Sure To Read The Policy Information
    This is probably the crux of ensuring a successful purchase since it deals with actually getting your product. Some websites make the links to these policies clearly obvious while other are less easy to find.Others don't show you the shipping policy until you're well into the checkout process. If these policies aren't easy to locate you may want to move on to another seller. But above all, read and understand them.
  2. With Or Without Fixtures
    Depending on where you shop some vanities will come "complete" with vanity top, sink and faucet while others will not. Don't assume they're all complete. Adding fixtures like a sink and faucet to vanities that don't come with them will incur additional charges.
  3. Special Orders vs. Stock Items
    Special orders usually cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged. Some can only be canceled within 24 hours after placing the order. Be sure you're clear on what you're getting if you are buying a vanity that's a special order. If a special-order product is damaged the company may help with freight claims or repair/replace the unit based on the manufacturer's warranty.
  4. Restocking Fees Apply For Returned Goods
    Should you need to return an item (other than for damage) you'll usually be charged a restocking fee. This fee can vary depending on the actual manufacturer of the vanity -- in other words, the same online seller may have different restocking fees depending on the make of the vanity. Some of these fees can be as high as 50% of the vanity price. Being clear on all aspects of your purchase ahead of time will minimize the probability of needing to make returns.
  5. Differences In The Delivery Process
    Most companies and the freight haulers they use won't be responsible for actually moving the vanity into your home. However some, like BathroomShoppingClub.com offers a "white glove premier" delivery where they'll deliver the vanity into the room of your choice, going up a maximum of two flights of stairs. This is more the exception than the rule so again, be sure to read the shipping policies carefully.
  6. Also, "lift-gate" services (where the truck driver lowers your merchandise to the street) is usually not included, or you will pay extra to have it done. One retailer for example charges $185 for this service. If you don't see information related to this on a retailer's website, call and ask the question so you're not surprised when the trucker tells you it's your responsibility to lift your new double vanity off the back of the truck (or charges you extra for it).

  7. Your Responsibilities Upon Receipt
    Once you get your order you'll be responsible for unpacking and inspecting it. Requirements will vary among retailers but you'll typically have 1 to 3 days to do this.

    The important point here is that you'll need to contact the retailer and possibly the trucking company ASAP if there are any problems such as shipping damage.

    The best approach is to inspect the goods before the trucking company leaves so that you can make comments regarding any problems on the shipping forms. If the truck driver can't wait, at least note that fact on the bill of lading before the truck leaves. In fact, one retailer actually recommends always noting "merchandise subject to inspection" on the bill of lading to protect yourself from any concealed damage that isn't visible right away.

These items shouldn't be a deterrent to buying bathroom vanities online but rather a heads-up regarding the important points that are part of this type of transaction.

Find the vanity you like, read and understand the seller's policies, don't be timid about asking questions including more information. Following these steps should result in a successful purchase.

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