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Home Staging For Quicker Home Resale And Better Returns
Home staging is a process that upgrades a home, in a variety of possible ways, in order to make it sell quicker and for greater profit.

Chimney Dampers That Stop The Fireplace Draft
Traditional masonry fireplaces are nice when there's a crackling fire in them. But they lose their appeal when they suck your heat and air conditioning up and out the chimney flue. Choosing the right aftermarket chimney damper can stop cold drafts and help you save on your utility bills.

Home Remodeling - Part 1 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
Join the publisher and editor of HomeStyleChoices.com as he and his family embark on a home remodel. Follow along on a series of articles that chronicle the ups, downs and real life experiences of their home remodeling journey.

The Remodeling Contract - Part 2 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
The remodeling contract is one of the most important elements of the entire project. Should you run it by a set of legal eyes first?

Getting Ready For The Demolition - Part 3 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
Now that the contract's signed and we're moving ahead, the demo will start shortly. We need to get ready and determine what should be packed away and what needs to stay accessible before the chaos starts.

Recycling Building Materials - Part 4 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
Saving some of the building materials from the demolition of the family room and kitchen provide useful service in other places and help preserve the planet too.

The Demolition - Part 5 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
Part of the process of making the family room larger involves demolishing the existing one. See how the old, smaller family room gets torn off the back of the house in Part 5 of the Remodeling Adventure.

Setting Up A Temporary Kitchen - Part 6 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
After the demolition of the family room the kitchen was next. That means we need a space to set up a temporary kitchen. Where to do it and how? Find out in Part 6 of the Remodeling Adventure.

Starting To Build - Part 7 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
We finally see some tangible results as construction takes the place of de-construction. We also mull over the pros and cons associated with building a full basement or a crawl space under the new addition. You can see the progress in Part 7 of the series on our remodeling experience.

Closing Up The Addition - Part 8 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
When the addition gets closed up complete with walls, a roof, windows and insulation, you really start to see tangible progress on the project. But looks can be deceiving as what's built isn't always according to plan. Find out whether plans equate to reality in Part 8 of our remodeling journey.

Choosing The Granite Countertops - Part 9 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
When it came time to choosing the countertops, we ultimately chose granite. But our first choice of color wasn't what we ended up with. You can read more about it and pick up some tips about choosing granite in Part 9 of our kitchen and family room remodel.

Sweat Equity - Part 10 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey
One way to save money on a remodeling project is to take on some of the work yourself. We did just that as we earned some sweat equity by taking on some tasks that were within our capabilities. Find out what we tackled in part 10 of the remodeling adventure.

Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC - Part 11 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Adventure
The stuff that has to do with the 'background' items of a remodel, like the electrical and plumbing, isn't glamorous but it is essential. And paying attention to these features and being engaged with your contractor on them helps make for a positive end result. See what this seemingly dull subject is all about in Part 11 of our remodeling journey.

Surviving The Dust - Part 12 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Adventure
You might expect that dust is a natural part of any remodeling project. But you might be surprised at how much there can be with a larger project. Even more surprising might be how it just seems to "stick around" and how far it spreads. Find out how we survived the dustbowl in Part 12 of our remodeling adventure.

Installing The Wood Flooring - Part 13 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Adventure
There are probably few remodel jobs that go without a hitch. Ours was no exception. Find out what our "hiccup" was (hint: it was the flooring) in Part 13 of our remodeling journey.

Getting Our Kitchen Back - Part 14 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Adventure
Getting our kitchen back was a major highlight of the remodel and it meant there was light at the end of the tunnel. Installation of the cabinets and granite countertops went pretty smoothly, but not without the need to exhaust a bit of pent up frustration. See how it all went in Part 14 of our remodeling saga.

Installing The Stone Fireplace - Part 15 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Adventure
We had always envisioned a stone fireplace as the focal point of our new family room addition. The questions surrounded what type of fireplace it would be and whether it would be surrounded with real stone of faux stone. Part 15 of our remodeling adventure chronicles our ultimate decisions on one of the last big pieces of this project.

The Completed Remodel Before & After - Part 16 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Adventure
The project is finished and our home is livable again. Take a look at the before and after pictures to see just how the changes came about.

Choosing & Using Acrylic And Glass Block For Windows, Walls And Other Design Features
Acrylic and glass block are two versatile building materials with similar yet unique features. See how they can be used in your home to add both style and functionality along with privacy.

Countertops & Backsplash


Is There Radon In Granite Countertops?
The rise in popularity of granite countertops has also given rise to questions about whether they emit radon, a harmful radioactive gas. Learn what the facts are and what you can do to make an informed decision.

Kitchen Sinks

kitchen sink

Designer Elkay Kitchen Sinks
If you're looking for high style and something different for a kitchen sink, look no further than Elkay's Design Inspirations '08 models. Large and unique, they come from the inspirations of two of America's top designers.

Concrete Kitchen Sink by Sonoma Cast Stone
Sonoma Cast Stone makes interior concrete products and one of their creations is the ChefSink, a concrete sink that conveys style but comes with all the functionality you'd expect from a kitchen sink.



Cabinet Organizers Custom Made by ShelfGenie
Make your cabinets more efficient and organized with slide-out shelving. It's custom made to fit either your new or existing cabinetry.

Cabinet Organizational Solutions by HomeCrest
HomeCrest Cabinetry offers a line of cabinet organizers in their lineup of options. Their "Complements" storage solutions provides functional and efficient storage and accessibility features that make cabinetry more usable and productive.

Lyptus Cabinets - An Exotic Hardwood and Green Too
Lyptus cabinets are another option for eco-friendly cabinets. The wood, derived from hybrid Eucalyptus trees, shares many attributes with other exotic hardwoods but without the environmental impact.

Bathrooms & Vanities

bathroom sink

Spruce Up An Existing Bathroom Wall Mirror With A Decorative Frame
Inexpensive and easy to install framing kits add warmth and charm to those bland frameless bathroom wall mirrors.

Kohler's Expandable Bathroom Vanities
Kohler makes it a little easier to get a new bathroom vanity into your home and into your bathroom with their expandable bathroom vanity cabinet.

Choosing A Bathroom Fan
Bathroom fans might seem to be all the same but there are differences that you should be aware of. You'll need to consider the capacity of the fan, where it will be located and what type of switch options you want.

General Kitchen Design


Five Options for a Green Kitchen Remodel
Going green during a kitchen remodel isn't that difficult. Here are 5 options for getting an eco-friendly kitchen.

Setting Up A Kitchen Island With Seating
Kitchen islands have multiple roles but one that accommodates seating add versatility to your kitchen. Discover the answer to the question "should I use stools or chairs?" along with a few other considerations before you settle on the right island seating.



Harmonics Laminate Flooring
Get a closer look at what Costco's Harmonics laminate flooring products have to offer.

Laminate Flooring by Abet Laminati
Based in Italy but with a US division, Abet Laminati produces laminate flooring that pushes the design envelope with innovations and out-of-the-laminate-box thinking as well as durability.

Choosing Between Area Rugs or Carpeting
This article looks at the choice of going with a wall-to-wall carpet or instead, choosing an area rug to cover your floor.

Bona Floor Design App for iPad
How would you like to see what a hardwood floor looks like in your house before it's even installed? You can do that with Bona's floor design app for iPad and iPad Mini. Find out what this app can do in this test drive.



Simpson Magnetic Chalkboard Doors
Interior doors fulfill several necessary roles in the home but the Simpson Door Company has found a way to use them for a few more helpful purposes.


finished basement

Basement Finishing Using The Owens Corning Finishing System
Need more space? Got a dingy unfinished basement? You can quickly transform that space into something usable and comfortable. Owens Corning markets their Basement Finishing System as one way to do this. We take a closer look at it as well as some alternatives.

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