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Cabinet organizers do a world of good when it comes to making your kitchen, bathroom or office more efficient and easier to work in. One nifty type of cabinet organizer is the pull out shelf. It makes your cabinets much more efficient by bringing the stuff you store in those cabinets to you, rather than you having to dig for them.

Pull out shelf cabinet organizers are becoming more prevalent as upgrade options for new cabinets. But with new cabinets you're limited by the type of organizers offered by the cabinet maker. With existing cabinets, your options include buying aftermarket organizers and installing them yourself.

If you're looking for something more customized that will fit your cabinets regardless of whether they're new or old, then ShelfGenie might be able to help.

They make pull out shelves that are made to fit your existing cabinetry, regardless of size, age, or whatever other quirks your cabinets may have.

Cabinet organizers from ShelfGenie utilize the Glide-Out™ shelving system. They make shelves and bins that slide out of your cabinets so that you can easily access all the contents, all the way to the back.

Custom Made Per Your Specifications

ShelfGenie, formerly known as Shelf Conversions, is a franchise business and operates using local design consultants that meet with you to discuss your cabinet organizer needs. You contact ShelfGenie, pick a convenient time to meet and the ShelfGenie design consultant meets you at your home.

What's unique about this process is that ShelfGenie asks questions to find out what your needs are for increased space and storage efficiency. You essentially get to design your own cabinet organizers by providing them with input on the configuration that will work best for you.

The consultant then takes measurements of your cabinets and places the order for your custom built pull out shelves. Upon delivery, which takes about 6 weeks from the time the order is placed, ShelfGenie installs the units in your cabinets.

What They Have To Offer

The slide-out shelves are made from 1/2 inch birch plywood. Although they're called "shelves" these glide-outs can take any shape and size you need them to be. They can be drawers, with 4 sides that are made to any height you need them to be. You can also have drawers made with dividers for storing plates, cookie sheets and similar items that would otherwise get piled in stacks.

Construction methods are solid, using dado and rabbet joinery. According to ShelfGenie, each shelf is capable of full extension and can support up to 100 pounds. This should take care of most, if not all of the heavy duty implements like mixers and cast-iron pots you might own.

Do you have hard-to-reach space in the corners of your cabinets? ShelfGenie has a fix for this too. It uses two shelf units that slide perpendicular to each other. Extending the first shelf exposes the second corner tray which can then extend over the slides of the first, making those dead cabinet corners much more accessible.

There's even an option to "widen" your existing cabinets. This is done by removing the stile, which is that vertical piece between the doors of a double-door cabinet. This affords the installation of a wider pull-out shelf and gets rid of the obstruction from the stile. The stile may be able to be attached to the cabinet door so that you don't have a gap between the doors when they're closed.

Needless to say, there are many different ways you can configure ShelfGenie's custom cabinet organizers so that they work for you, and not the other way around. The convenience and efficiency of this system was not lost on the National Association of Professional Organizers either. They honored the product as a finalist in their 2008 award for Best Office and Home Organizing Product.

You can check out ShelfGenie at their website where you'll find more information and design consultants near you.

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