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Here's where you can find information about the various brands and makes of cork flooring and see what's available among cork flooring choices.

If you'd like more information about cork flooring in general, see the cork flooring information page. It provides more in-depth information about a cork floor and what considerations you should keep in mind before choosing.

Maker & Brands Of Cork Flooring

You can find cork flooring at most flooring retailers, home centers and building supply centers that carry flooring materials. Most often you'll see only a few brands at these places so we've provided a list of manufacturer's below to help broaden your shopping experience.

Another source includes online stores. Things to consider here are shipping costs, warranties and policies pertaining to damaged or returned goods.

In this scenario you'll either have to install the floor yourself or hire someone else to do it for you.

As always, it's a good idea to eventually get out and take a look at some products. That way you'll get a greater appreciation for how cork floors really look and feel.

Remember to get samples too, not only for choosing colors and patterns but to 'beat up' as well (you can usually get samples to keep from the manufacturers -- see their website for information on how to obtain them). Step on them with pointed heals or put them under a table leg overnight. Get them wet and put them through whatever other punishment you can conjure up and see how they respond.

Here's a list of cork floor suppliers. Click on the manufacturer's name to see more information.

AmCork         A.P.C. Cork Inc.         Globus Cork
Duro-Design         Expanko®         Nova Distinctive Floors™
Jelinek Cork         NaturalCORK, Inc.         WE Cork Inc.


  • Produces glue-in-place floor tiles and floating floor planks
  • Tiles are pre-finished with several coats of UV-cured acrylic
  • Offers a Lead Time Discount Program that offers a discount on select flooring to customers that do not need the product right away and can wait for 8-10 weeks
Where To Get It AmCork products are available directly through their website.
Website www.amcork.com

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A.P.C Cork

  • Offers both a floating floor application and glue-down tiles
  • Panels/tiles finished with an acrylic matte varnish
  • Over 30 colors/patterns
Where To Get It There is a dealer locator function on the APC Cork website.
Website www.apccork.com

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  • Offers glued tiles and glueless floors
  • Over 50 colors in 6 patterns
  • Water-based polyurethane coating system
Where To Get It Products are available through select dealers although you'll have to either call or email using their contact information on the website to locate them.
Website www.duro-design.com/index.cfm/page/cork/

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  • Offers traditional glued tiles and the Vallarex™ glueless floating floor system
  • Vallarex™ glueless floor comes in stained or natural shades
  • Water-based polyurethane finish
  • Artistico Collection contains unique patterns using the natural color variations of cork
Where To Get It See the dealer locator function on the Expanko® website.
Website www.expanko.com/CORK/products-CORK.html (traditional tiles)
www.expanko.com/VALLAREX/products-VAL.html (Vallarex™ glueless floor)

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  • Makers of glued tiles (pre-glued)and a floating floor planks
  • Tiles offered in many sizes and shapes including custom sizes
Where To Get It Globus has several retailers across the US but the products are offered primarily through the internet from their website.
Website www.corkfloor.com

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  • Both glue-down and floating floors available
  • Tiles offered pre-finished and unfinished
  • Jelinek Cork Mosaic floor is made from recycled bottle corks that are sliced and laid flat for an interesting look
Where To Get It Jelinek Cork is sold at their internet store CorkStore.com.
Website www.jelinekcork.com

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NaturalCORK Inc. (Now US Floors)

  • Offers a floating floor (glueless) system
  • 5 product collections featuring over 40 colors/patterns
  • Uses a UV-cured acrylic finish
Where To Get It Your best option is to contact them directly either by phone or by email to find out where to get these products. Their website has a "dealer" locator function but it doesn't work (it brings up a map with no information on where the dealers are located).
Website www.usfloorsllc.com

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Nova Distinctive Floors™

  • Makes both a floating and glued cork floor system
  • Floating floor has 25 patterns in a range of natural cork color variations with polyurethane finish
  • Glued tiles offered in 4 patterns/colors and finished with a hard-wax oil
Where To Get It Internet sales are available through iFloor.com. The Nova website also has a dealer locator function.
Website www.novafloorings.com/products.htm

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  • Cork flooring available in both glued and floating floor systems
  • 3 product lines with various features and technologies
  • Series 100 and Series 1000 incorporate CorkProtect® parafin-based all-around edge seal for moisture protection
  • Top coat systems include the Xtreme WRT hard wearing surface and HPS (High Performance Surface), both with nano bead technology for more durable wear surfaces
Where To Get It Wicander dealers can be found using their website's retailer locator function.
Website www.wicanders.com

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WE Cork Inc.

  • Offers glue down tiles and floating floor planks
  • Finishes include unfinished, wax and matte varnish
  • Greenshield™ finish system touted as having 4X the wear resistance of common urethane finishes
Where To Get It WE Cork's website has a locator function which provides distributor information. Contact WE Cork directly or through their distributors to find retail sales locations.
Website www.wecork.com

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