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A Shopping Guide

delta kitchen faucetPhoto Courtesy of Delta Faucet Company

What They Have To Offer

When it comes to choosing a kitchen faucet most people simply want something that's attractive, works well, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Sure, there are probably those of you out there who are looking for something more in the way of distinctive styling or name-brand cachet. However if you're in the first camp, it's hard to go wrong with a Delta faucet choice.

If there's anything in particular that sets Delta apart in the faucet world it's their push for innovation. The company takes its name from the shape of a key part in the single handle faucet, a Delta innovation introduced in the 1950s that's still around today. Since then Delta faucets have been characterized by new technologies and design improvements.

Delta's Smart Solutions

Delta refers to the innovation they put into their faucets as "Smart Solutions". Here's a quick rundown of what they offer and how they might be a benefit:

  • Diamond™ Seal Technology
    This basically describes the diamond coating technology used on the critical parts of the faucet valve that controls water flow. The more durable the valve is the longer it will last before it starts to wear and leak. Delta declares that this technology allows the valve to last for up to 5 million uses. That's ten times the industry standard.

    Let's put it this way; if you turn your faucet on 100 times per day it'll take 130 years before you reach 5 million uses. You'll wear out before the faucet valve.

  • leland faucetPhoto Courtesy of Delta Faucet Company

  • Touch 2O
    Faucets with Touch 2O technology use sensors that react to physical contact anywhere on the spout or handle to turn the water on and off.

    The benefit here is operational freedom. Simply touch just about any part of the faucet to activate it. That's particularly convenient when your hands are dirty or you can't free up a hand to grasp the handle. Just touch the spout with the back of your hand or your wrist to control the water.

  • MagnaTite® Docking
    This is a feature that comes with pull-down faucets, where the spray head disconnects from the spout. MagnaTite is made with a small magnet that positively secures the spray head back into the spout.

    Other pull-down faucets that don't have this feature can sometimes leave the spray head dangling an inch or so below the end of the spout. The positive retention keeps the faucet looking tidy and puts the head back where it belongs.

    A few users complain that this feature doesn't "retract" the faucet head into the spout, like a retractable chord on a vacuum cleaner. MagnaTite docking is aimed more at achieving positive retention of the faucet head in the spout. You also don't want a magnet so strong that it takes a lot of effort to undock the spray head either.

  • EZ Anchor™
    This feature lets you install a faucet from the top of the countertop without having to crawl underneath to secure it. Turning several screws on an anchor feature of the faucet base pulls two "cleats" that clamp the assembly up under the countertop surface. The faucet hub is then installed over the anchor sleeve.

    The benefit? Faster and more convenient installation.

  • Multi-Flow™
    This technology toggles the water flow between a water-saving 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute) to a higher flow for faster filling of sinks, pots, etc. The 1.5 GPM rate saves water for other duties but the Multi-Flow feature lets you kick it up a notch to save time when you need it.
  • Brilliance® Finishes
    These types of finishes are designed to be durable and long-lasting so they won't tarnish, corrode or discolor. Delta achieves this through a technology called "physical vapor deposition" or "PVD", which essentially embeds the surface finish into the base material of the faucet.

Not every Delta faucet will have all of these features but you'll probably find a few depending on the specific faucet you choose.

The Faucet Collections

One of the benefits of Delta's faucet lineup is that you have a pretty wide range of products to choose from. With over 30 different collections there's likely a design that'll suit your taste.

Within each collection of course you'll find a variety of finishes and options such as detached (separate) faucet handles, bar/prep sizes and soap dispensers.

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What's New, What's Interesting

delta cassidyPhoto Courtesy Delta Faucet Company

One of the latest Delta offerings is the Cassidy™ collection. It's available as both a full size kitchen faucet and a bar and prep model. It comes with either a pull-down or pull-out style (pull-out is pictured on the right).

If you don't want the side single-lever style you can choose the two-handle model instead although it doesn't have the same lines as the other models in the collection nor the pull-down/pull-out features.

Probably the most significant aspect of this faucet is that it has Delta's Touch2O capability. Along with that it features several other technologies including MagnaTite docking and DIAMOND™ Seal technology.

delta fusePhoto Courtesy Delta Faucet Company

One of the more interesting faucets to come along recently is the Fuse model. It's a great combination of both color and stainless steel, something you don't really find in kitchen faucets. If you're looking for something different, this might be your best option since you'll find few, if any, look-alikes. It's a nice way to add a bit of color to a part of the kitchen that tends to be overdone in metallic tones.

Your color options are red (Delta calls it "Chili Pepper"), black or white ("Cracked Pepper" and "Snowflake White" in Delta vernacular).

It's another pull-down faucet and also comes with MagnaTite head docking and DIAMOND™ Seal Technology. The spray wand has two functions that go between spray and normal stream.

Photo Courtesy of Delta Faucet Company

Finally, there's the Trinsic Collection. In this case you actually have a choice between two different styles within the collection.

The first is a gooseneck design that features a pulldown faucet head. This particular style is available with several Smart Solutions like Touch2O technology, MagnaTite head docking and DIAMOND™ Seal technology.

The other option is more of a style opposite to the rounded high-arc design, employing straight lines instead. This version is a pullout style, where a larger portion of the spout makes up the spray wand. It also features a top handle rather than a handle on the side of the faucet to turn on the water.

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Publisher's Comments -- Shopping Recommendations

As for specific faucet recommendations there are a couple of models I prefer and suggest. The first is the Leland model. It's a high-neck faucet with the MagnaTite head docking feature and is a good buy for the price. This faucet is also available in other varieties like a model with a detached handle, a smaller bar/prep version and one with a soap dispenser.

Photo Courtesy of Delta Faucet

Another suggestion is the Addison collection, which is somewhat similar in style to the Leland faucet above. This particular faucet is available with Touch2O capability. Several other variations are available like a non-touch sensitive model, a bar/prep version and models in several different finishes.

Photo Courtesy of Delta Faucet

Both of these faucets receive pretty high marks from a wide range of users.

Keep in mind that faucet designations typically have a bunch of number and letter designations that denote variations of a particular model. The picture below shows the product variations available for the Addison faucet shown above. When you're looking at a specific model of faucet from an online retailer or in a supply catalog check to see if they include this type of variation listing. It will help you understand the options associated with a particular model and its specific part number.

One final note is that some Delta faucets, like the Leland 9178-DST as an example, make use of a reinforcing plate that's used when the faucet's installed onto a thinner-material deck base, like a stainless steel sink. It's included along with some faucet models, but not all. Check the installation instructions to see if this part is required for the particular faucet you choose.

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