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Choices, Style and Versatility

Elkay sinks offer a tremendous range of choices, particularly when it comes to the kitchen. Elkay stainless steel sinks are known for their breadth of style options.

If you like the modern commercially inspired look, there's the Elkay Avado line with tight corners and square lines. Elkay stainless steel sinks come in a range of gauge thicknesses too, making it easier to find one that suits your particular needs and budget.

If you're more interested in composite sinks, or if you're looking for a black kitchen sink, Elkay's E-Granite sinks might be your answer. There are even some fireclay sinks available within Elkay's Explore sink family.

Take a look at the information below to get a closer look at what Elkay sinks have to offer.

Elkay Sinks - What They Have To Offer

Elkay makes sinks for both the bathroom and the kitchen and there's no shortage of styles to choose from. Elkay sinks are grouped into families, each with their own unique attributes, style perspective and targeted function.

Current sink families are listed below. Older product names and families including Elkay Lustertone, Elkay Celebrity and Elkay Elumina are now included in the newer family classifications like Elkay Gourmet and Elkay Harmony. Despite this assimilation however you might still find an Elkay Lustertone sink or an Elkay Celebrity sink as a stand-alone product family at various retailers.

Elkay Kitchen Sink Familes


The Avado sink family is characterized by upscale stainless steel sinks with a distinctive square shape and zero radius or very small radius corners. Sinks are available in single and double bowl configuration. Elkay Avado stainless steel sinks are primarily 16 gauge although there are 18 gauge and some 14 gauge sinks as well. In addition to stainless steel the Elkay Avado line also includes an undermount copper sink.

Elkay Avado Kitchen Sink Elkay Avado Kitchen Sink
Avado Undermount Sinks - Photos Courtesy of Elkay

Design Inspirations 08™

Elkay's Design Inspirations 08 family includes two designs created by leading American designers Fu-Tung Cheng and Jamie Drake. These sinks are stainless steel undermounts made of 18 gauge material, with sizes ranging from 36" wide to a whopping 75" wide. Their unique styling makes these Elkay stainless sinks stand out from the crowd of typical (and usually mundane) kitchen sink styles.


The Echo product family is a line of Elkay stainless sinks that are top mounted (drop-in style), made from 20 gauge material. The styling is characterized by styling on the outer rim that has more detailing and relief than typical drop-in stainless sinks.

Elkay Echo Kitchen Sink Elkay Echo Kitchen Sink
Elkay Echo Sinks - Photos Courtesy of Elkay


Elkay Explore sinks are made from fireclay, a durable material in the ceramics family. Explore sinks are styled with straight fronts and slightly arched back surfaces and are offered in white and terra cotta. Both single and double bowl designs are available.


Elkay Gourmet sinks comprise one of the largest product lines with numerous models in both undermount and top mount. Materials include 18 to 22 gauge stainless steel and E-Granite, a composite of quartz and acrylic resin. The Elkay Gourmet sink line also includes single, double and triple bowl designs with large models up to 63" wide that include three 19" wide bowls. Fans of stainless steel apron front sinks might like the large stainless farmhouse sink with a wide 28" bowl.

Elkay Gourmet E-Granite Kitchen Sink Elkay Gourmet Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink
Elkay E-Granite and Gourmet Triple Bowl - Photos Courtesy of Elkay

Elite Gourmet™

Elite Gourmet sinks are 16 to 18 guage stainless steel professional grade sinks designed with integral backsplashes and options for front panels with towel bars and stainless under-sink cabinets. These sinks are better characterized as "sinktops" given their more substantial size and type of features.


Harmony kitchen sinks include both stainless steel and copper in both undermount and drop-in styles. These sinks include generously curved corners that juxtapose against the straight lines of the outer rim on drop-in models. A copper apron-front model is also included in the Harmony product family.

Elkay Copper Apron Front Kitchen Sink Elkay Harmony Kitchen Sink
Elkay Harmony Copper Farmhouse and Double Bowl Sinks - Photos Courtesy of Elkay

The Mystic®

If you're looking for more unconventional shapes the Mystic line may be your answer. The shapes of these sinks are more irregular and "organic" (using some 'design-speak'), for a more distinctive look. Most models are 16 to 18 gauge stainless steel but there are some copper sinks within the lineup. The Mystic family also includes bar and secondary sinks. You can choose either single or double bowl configurations although bar and secondary sinks usually have just one basin.

Elkay Mystic Wave Kitchen Sink Elkay Mystic Shelf Kitchen Sink
Elkay Mystic Wave and Mystic Shelf Sinks - Photos Courtesy of Elkay


Elkay's Pursuit sink family is made for both indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoor sinks will benefit from the 18 guage 316-series stainless steel that offers better corrosion resistance. There are both single and double bowl configurations as well as top mount and undermount styles.

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What's New And Interesting

If you thought sinks could be nothing more than just boring square fixtures, think again. Elkay has some unique, if not downright whimsical, designs for primary and secondary kitchen sinks and bar sinks.

Elkay Mystic Wave Kitchen SinkPhoto Courtesy Of Elkay

To start with, Elkay's Mystic® Double Wave sinks give you that option for something other than 'just a square sink'. It might just the style needed to impart that special distinctiveness in your kitchen.

With a sink like this you'll need some coordination between your countertop fabricator and kitchen sink installer, given that the shape is not like your everyday kitchen sink.

These sinks are made from 18 gauge stainless steel in either single or double bowl configurations. They're also appointed with Elkay's Sound Guard® insulation to dampen sounds.

Elkay Mystic Martini Bar SinkPhoto Courtesy Of Elkay

If you're really looking for a conversation piece at your bar or secondary sink, look no further than Elkay's Mystic® Martini sink. Formed in the shape of a traditional martini glass this sink could easily become the conversation starter for any get-together in your home.

Made out of 18 gauge stainless steel, the sink is 22 inches long and just over 20 inches wide at its widest point and will fit into a 27 inch base cabinet. It also features Sound Guard treatment.

Elkay Avado Accent Kitchen SinkPhoto Courtesy Of Elkay

On a more practical note Elkay's Avado Accent sinks offer versatility and funtionality in a drop-in style yet with the modern look typical of Avado undermount sinks.

These sinks come in several configurations, both single and double bowl styles. One interesting twist on the double-bowl sink is a back-and-front bowl configuration. One long trough-like bowl is positioned behind a larger 'single' bowl in front. One use for this style of sink might be for defrosting food items in the back bowl while freeing up the front bowl for other tasks.

Avado Accent sinks are made from 16 gauge stainless steel and feature the same characteristic lines and 90-degree corners found on their undermount cousins.

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Elkay offers a limited lifetime warranty on their stainless steel sinks according to their published information. Coverage is against failures due to manufacturing defects, effective for the life of a sink's normal residential use.

What's not covered is any failure or damage due to abusive treatment, misuse, normal wear and tear, the use of aggressive or abrasive cleaners and other similar causes.

Elkay sinks of other materials like fireclay, copper and E-Granite are not mentioned in the warranty information published on their website. Elkay's FAQ section states that any questions or need for additional warranty information be directed to their customer service center.

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