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Glass Countertop Sources

When you think of glass countertop sources, think less about "manufacturers" and more about "artists and artisans". That's because virtually all sources for glass countertops make custom pieces, with an eye for aesthetics.

If you'd like to get more familiar with glass countertops before you check out the various sources for them, click here to go to the glass countertops page. There you'll find more information on what there is to know about glass counters and things to consider before making any decisions. There's also a link to come back to this page.

Below you'll find a list of sources that design and fabricate glass countertops. Click on one of the companies to link to more information further down the page or just scroll down to view information on all of them.

One thing to keep in mind is that the virtually all the glass countertop sources listed below are either glass studios or specialize in architectural glass. Their products aren't available from traditional retail sources like other building products. Rather, you'll either have to contact the company or studio directly or one of their dealers if, they have any. Other sources might include kitchen designers and/or architects in the building and design trade.

Sources For Glass Countertops

Jockimo         Batho Studios
Brooks Custom         CBD Glass Studios
CCS Stone         Curvet USA
Duncan Glass         Nathan Allan Glass Studios, Inc.
Peter David Studio, Inc.         Smoke & Mirrors, LLC
Think Glass         UltraGlas®
Vitramax Design Studio


Highlights Jockimo specializes in architectural glass including bent and slumped glass, glass floors, countertops and many other items. They contend that over 65% of their glass is recycled back into the fabrication process. Jockimo can customize textures to match a design in a fabric or piece of artwork and they tout having the largest selection of textures in the industry.
Where To Get It Products are available directly from Jockimo. You can contact them using their contact form located on their website.
Website www.jockimo.com

Batho Studios

Highlights Batho Studios produces architectural glass and other glass functional pieces including countertops. All projects are custom, based on your individual requirements. They can accommodate large pieces of glass, up to 12 feet in length and from ¼" to 6" thick for great style versatility.
Where To Get It Countertops are available directly from their studio. Contact them directly to start the consultation process using their contact form located on their website.
Website www.bathostudios.com

Brooks Custom

Highlights Brooks Custom makes custom glass countertops based on the specifications provided by the customer. Sheets up to 11 x 7 ft are available although larger sheets can be made. Products can be etched, sandblasted, melted and have patterns cut into them. Brooks Custom makes their colored Fusion Glass in various textures, in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 5 inches.
Where To Get It Countertops are ordered from Brooks Custom. Contact information is available on their website.
Website www.brookscustom.com

CBD Glass Studios

Highlights CBD Glass Studios creates sophisticated designs in glass objects like architectural panels, countertops and bath enclosures. They make products in both contemporary and traditional designs. They have 3 main offices located in Toronto, New York and Chicago.
Where To Get It Contact CBD directly for more information on their products via the contact information on their website.
Website www.cbdglass.com

CCS Stone

Highlights CCS Stone is a stone importer and fabricator that also produces stone products like countertops and fireplace surrounds. While it isn't a clear glass in the traditional sense, one of the their products is something known as "Crystal White Glassos" which is a pure white crystallized glass. It's formed through a sintering process that results in a hard white glass material that resembles white marble but with the hardness of granite and without marble's sensitivities to acids and alkalis.
Where To Get It Contact CCS Stone directly for more information about obtaining their White Glassos. Contact information is available on their website.
Website www.ccsstone.com

Curvet USA

Highlights Curvet produces glass countertops custom made per your specifications. One style option includes opaque colors, a change from clear or tinted glass. Their Colorglass™ finishes are grouped into families based on their finish like opaque, translucent, etc. They also go beyond standard homogeneous colored glass and also offer smoky and marbled color patterns.
Where To Get It Contact them for more information regarding pricing, availability and quotes.
Website www.curvetusa.com

Duncan Glass

Highlights Duncan Glass produces glass countertops in a unique textured fashion using the "glue chipping" process which pulls shards of glass from the surface, imparting the texture. This is evident in their Onami® textured glass counters. They can be installed with the textured side up or down which gives distinctively different looks.
Where To Get It Contact Duncan Glass directly for custom quotes using the contact information available on their website.
Website www.jduncanglass.com

Nathan Allan Glass Studios, Inc.

Highlights Nathan Allan is a glass studio specializing in the fabrication of many glass products including glass countertops. Their products include Fusion Glass in 14 different colors, featuring fissures and air bubbles to create an interesting visual texture. They offer a wide range of textures to choose from.
Where To Get It Contact them directly for a quotes and information on obtaining products. Contact information is available on their website.
Website www.nathanallan.com

Peter David Studio, Inc.

Highlights Located in Seattle, Washington, Peter David Studio, Inc. is an artisan business focusing on glass and its use in architecturally functional forms. Among a wide range of glass products, Peter David Studio creates custom glass kitchen and bath countertops. Design services include an initial consultation, the development of the design and the fabrication.
Where To Get It You can contact Peter David Studio directly for information on obtaining products (see website for contact info). Their products are also available through Smoke & Mirrors (see below) who carries glass products from several studios.
Website www.peterdavidstudio.com

Smoke & Mirrors, LLC

Highlights Smoke & Mirrors provides a range of glass products from architectural glass to glass counters. They represent themselves as being a designer house to the industry and tout their ability to be a 'one stop shop' that includes design and development, project assistance as well as site management. That may be a bit more than what the average homeowner is looking for however they have access to many studios and other sources for glass products. Examples of their countertop offerings include work from studios like Batho, Nathan Allan and Peter David.
Where To Get It Contact them if you're interested in learning more about the products and services they can provide using the contact information on their website.
Website www.smokeandmirrorsllc.com

Think Glass


Think Glass produces glass countertops for both kitchen and bath. They're offered in two colors, Aqua or Crystal, both with a greenish-blue hue although they also offer artistic color applications in a variety of colors.

The ThinkGlass website is beneficial in that it provides more substantive information on their products and the ordering and shipping process than some other studios. Glass samples can be ordered from their website for a charge.

Where To Get It Think Glass has showrooms located throughout the US and Canada as well as one in Grand Cayman. You can find them on their website. Think Glass also has ordering information on their website should you choose to work directly with them vs. through their dealers.
Website www.thinkglass.com


Highlights UltraGlas creates custom counter and bar tops among other glass products based on whatever your design requirements are. They can make products of virtually any shape and thickness in a wide range of tints, finishes and textures. While they use some portion of recycled glass in their production process they can create products from 100% recycled glass when requested. UltraGlas works through the trade community professionals like designers, architects and contractors.
Where To Get It Homeowners can obtain quotations via their dealer network, which can be found on their website, or by having your designer, architect or contractor contact UltraGlass.
Website www.ultraglas.com

Vitramax Design Studio

Highlights Vitramax makes custom glass creations including glass countertops. Their countertop products are included in their Verré line. Pictures of their work are included on their website however there isn't a lot of additional information regarding custom quotations or how to purchase products.
Where To Get It For more information and how to obtain products, contact them using the email or phone information available on their website.
Website www.vitramax.com

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