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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Sources

Here's where you can find outdoor kitchen cabinet sources and what they have to offer. They're categorized by the type of material the cabinets are made from. Just click on the manufacturer's name to go to more information about their products and how to get them.

If you're not too familiar with outdoor kitchen cabinets and want to know a little more about how to choose them or which ones will survive best in your outdoor kitchen, click here to see the outdoor kitchen cabinets page.

It offers information about the various types of outdoor cabinetry and things to consider when choosing. There's also a link on that page to bring you back to this page to learn more about the various outdoor kitchen cabinet sources.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Sources


Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens NatureKast
In & Out Cabinetry Werever Outdoor Products
Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets & More

Stainless Steel

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Lasertron Direct
Viking Range Corporation


Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens(doors)    
Vermont Islands

Masonry (Frames/Kits/Custom-Builds)

Masonry style outdoor kitchen cabinets aren't as "off the shelf" as polymer or stainless steel cabinets. They're typically "built-in" at your outdoor kitchen's location and aren't considered as movable other types of outdoor cabinets. One source for these outdoor kitchen islands and cabinets could be your local masonry contractors if there are any in your area.

However there are a few sources that offer modular or "pre-fab" systems that form the basis for a built-in masonry island and/or set of cabinets. They provide the framework and backer board upon which a masonry exterior or veneer is added by either you or a contractor you hire. These companies also provide the drawers and doors (typically stainless steel) that make up the storage portions of these structures.

Exquisite Outdoor Living LLC         My BBQ Shop

Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens


Cabinets feature the polymer 'Perma Panel' material that's weather resistant and can be cleaned with a garden hose and scrub brush according to the company. Several door styles are available in 7 colors.

Atlantis also offers wood cabinet doors in oiled Teak and Cypress.

Other features include a trash receptacle, roll outs and adjustable shelves. Crown molding and fluted trim is also available for additional detailing.

Where To Get It Cabinets are available from Atlantis dealers but you'll have to contact Atlantis directly to find the nearest dealer and/or the best way to purchase their cabinets.
Website www.atlantiscabinetry.com

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NatureKast is a Florida-based business specializing in the design of NatureKast™ outdoor cabinetry.

The uniqueness of NatureKast is that it offers a very convincing look of natural wood except its made from a closed-cell resin. It's light weight and completely waterproof making it impervious to the elements. NatureKast products are also available in other forms like ceiling panels and beams allowing you to trim out open-air kitchens with roofs and ceilings in the look of wood but without the maintenance.

Where To Get It Contact NatureKast directly for more information about their dealer locations. Their website indicates that it will be updated as dealers come on line.
Website www.naturekast.com

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Exquisite Outdoor Living LLC


Exquisite Outdoor Living is the parent company of Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens which specializes in designing and making outdoor kitchens. They custom design kitchens with cabinets and other amenities made from steel framing ready for the installation of an exterior veneer, be it stucco, brick, stone or some other material.

They also fabricate custom vinyl covers to fit any design of cabinet runs/islands.

Where To Get It Contact Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens directly to discuss estimates and plans for custom orders.
Website www.custombuiltoutdoorkitchens.com

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In & Out Cabinetry


In & Out Cabinetry makes outdoor kitchen cabinets from their own All Element Polymer Board. The material is infused with UV inhibitors and according to the company will not rot, crack or swell in the presence of the outdoor elements.

The cabinets come with concealed stainless steel door hinges and rabbet joint box construction. Drawers utilize their Slick Slide Drawer system that has no parts that could corrode or deteriorate from exposure to the elements.

Where To Get It There are a series of dealerships in a number of states around the US. The In & Out website has a phone number to call for more information and/or to find the nearest dealer.
Website www.outdoorkitchencabinetry.com

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Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet


Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet offers a variety of base cabinets made from stainless steel. Options include stainless steel leveling legs, full-extension drawers and stainless steel drawer guides. The cabinets also feature a handy weather-tight rain gutter system around drawers and door openings for full interior weather protection.

Cabinets are modular and can be mixed and matched and bolted together based on your outdoor kitchen design.

Where To Get It Their website has a dealer locator function to find local Kalamazoo showrooms.
Website www.kalamazoogourmet.com

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Lasertron Direct


Lasertron Direct manufactures stainless steel cabinet boxes, drawers and doors. Their doors can be ordered with various texture options or with glass inserts.

They also offer a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel option by virtue of a thin clear coating that's applied over the steel.

Where To Get It Contact Lasertron Direct to order products.
Website www.lasertrondirect.com

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MyBBQShop.com specializes in developing outdoor kitchen packages that include islands and storage structures. Their products are intended for the do-it-yourselfer and can be designed and built to whatever completion level you choose.

The island and cabinet structures are made from a welded aluminum frame that's covered with a backer board upon which the outside veneer of your choice can be installed (stone, faux stone, etc.). They offer stainless steel drawers and doors for the storage areas of these cabinet structures. Click on their "prefabricated outdoor kitchens" link on their website to view information regarding these products.

Where To Get It Products and pre-fab packages can be purchased by contacting MyBBQShop.com directly. There is a phone number to call on the website for more information on designs and how to procure materials.
Website www.mybbqshop.com

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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets & More


Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets & More is a local business in west central Florida that sells polymer outdoor cabinets along with other outdoor kitchen items like grills, appliances, accessories and outdoor fireplaces.

Cabinets include features such as 3/4" material thickness, UV inhibitors and adjustable legs.

Where To Get It Although it's not evident from their website Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets & More will ship products out of state. Contact them by phone or use their contact form, both of which are found on their website.
Website www.outdoorkitchencabinetsandmore.com

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Viking Range Corporation

Highlights Viking Range Corporation are the makers of both indoor and outdoor kitchen appliances and cabinetry from stainless steel. Outdoor cabinets include base cabinets that feature all stainless components, concealed door hinges and adjustable legs. Professional style handles match the style used on Viking outdoor appliances.
Where To Get It Viking products are sold through dealerships throughout the US and Canada as well as internationally. Their website has a dealer locator function.
Website www.vikingrange.com

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Vermont Islands


Vermont Islands makes wood outdoor kitchen cabinets from Ipe, a Brazilian hardwood also used in decks. Their cabinets are built to order and feature polished granite countertops. Other features include stainless steel hardware and fasteners.

Another neat feature about their products is that they can be made as either fixed-base, modular or portable units. Modular units allow you to reconfigure your outdoor kitchen (straight bar, L-shaped island, etc.) as you please. Portability is accomplished by putting the cabinets on casters, allowing you to move them wherever you need them.

Where To Get It Products are available by contacting Vermont Islands directly. Contact them either by phone or through their contact form, both located on their website.
Website www.vermontislands.com

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Werever Outdoor Products

Highlights Werever Outdoor Products offers polymer outdoor kitchen cabinets in a variety of solid colors and door styles. Features include stainless steel drawer hinges, 3/4" thick cabinet sides and floors and marine grade polymer drawer slides. Werever also has a free design service and ships products nationwide.
Where To Get It Products are available online from the Werever website or you can contact them to see if there's a local dealer in your area.
Website www.werever.com

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