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Here's where you can find out about the various vinyl flooring choices, what they have to offer and where to find them. It's also where you can learn more about what's new, what's different and what's interesting in the world of vinyl floors. There's a pretty wide variety of brands and makers so finding a vinyl floor that suits your taste and expectations shouldn't be hard to do.

If by chance you're still wondering whether a vinyl floor is the right choice for you, take a moment to visit our vinyl flooring page. It tells you more about things you should consider so that you can make a more informed decision. Then come back here to find out which vinyl floor choice might suit your needs.

Otherwise, take a look at the information below to get more familiar with the specific brands and makers of vinyl floors.

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Highlights Armstong® flooring has 3 main vinyl sheet flooring lines:
  • Natural Fusion is a luxury vinyl line with a range of styles and textures. Interesting patterns mimic the likes of small-tile floors or smooth wood grains.
  • StrataMax is a glueless variety of vinyl that allows for a loose-lay installation. It uses a fiberglass backing for better lay-flat characteristics.
  • CushionStep™ has a high density, thick core for extra cushion.
Various design and performance technologies are also used.
  • MasterWorks Technology® and MasterWorks Technology® with VTx™ are print and texturing techniques used to give more realism to vinyl that mimics stone and wood.
  • CleanSweep® and CleanSweep® Plus provide scratch and stain resistance and employ aluminum oxide and polycarbonate materials to achieve this.
Where To Get It Armstrong® flooring can be found at building supply centers and flooring outlets. See their website for a source locator guide.
Website www.armstrong.com

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Highlights Metroflor makes luxury resilient tile and plank. They have several product lines covering various looks and product features.
  • American - affordable wood, stone and slate-look tiles and planks.
  • Metro Design - touted as having the strongest wear layer in the industry. Includes large 18x18 inch tiles and 4x36 inch planks. Styles mimic a number of different surfaces including decorative concrete which is not a common look among vinyl floor styles.
  • Solidity™ 20/30/40 - 3 lines with varying thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm and 4mm (0.078", 0.120" & 0.157" thick). Includes an aluminum oxide finish for greater durability. Styles resemble tumbled travertine, granite and handscraped plank. The Dakota Slate looks offer a convincing and unique coloration.
  • Tru-Woods - uses actual wood veneer encapsulated and sealed by a clear vinyl layer. Includes a 30 mil (0.030") wear layer and a lifetime residential warranty. Offers a convincing wood appearance in a resilient flooring without the expansion and contraction associated with a wood floor.
  • Tru-Tile - vinyl tiles that mimic the look of ceramic tiles in various shades. They have an aluminum oxide surface and slip resistant finish and a 4mm (0.157") thickness.
Where To Get It Products can be purchased through various online flooring retailers as well as at flooring and carpeting centers. Their website has a retail source locator function to find a dealer in your area.
Website www.metroflorusa.com

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Highlights Artistek, part of the Metroflor® family of vinyl flooring choices, is a line of vinyl floor tiles that mimic the look of wood planks and stone tiles. They come in various collections like the "American Collection", "Barnwood Collection" and "Centurion Stone Collection".

Each collection has a variety of wood and stone looks in different color shades and grain patterns.

Planks come in several thicknesses from 6 mils to 30 mils offering different levels of durability. The manufacturer touts industrial grade performance in addition to being 100% dimensionally stable and anti-static.
Where To Get It Some online flooring retailers such as www.floormall.com carry Artistek products. The Artistek website doesn't have any information at this time on other retail sellers. There is contact information on their website that you could use to check with them for information on where to purchase the products.
Website www.artistekfloors.com

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Highlights Konecto™ is another product in the Metroflor® family. It's unique in that it's a glueless floating floor made up of flexible vinyl planks.

The planks are laid over an existing floor without need for attachment to the floor. Each plank connects to its adjacent partner via an adhesive lip that extends out from each plank.

Products are available in looks and textures that mimic both wood and stone. Some of the planks are finished with aluminum oxide for greater surface durability.
Where To Get It Konecto products can be found at various online flooring retailers. The Konecto website doesn't have any information on retail locations at this time.
Website www.konectousa.com

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Congoleum makes both vinyl sheet and tiles. Their sheet products are tiered by the star system with premium products being rated 5-star. These top products contain features such as Scotchguard™ Protector with built-in stain and soil repellant along with built-in mildew and mold protection.

A unique vinyl sheet line is their K-Tech For Kitchens™ vinyl floor. This product is designed and marketed specifically for the kitchen, based on the unique environment and wear and tear often associated with that room. The product actually contains silver, among other surface treatments, to provide bacteria-resistance.

Their resilient tile products are also tiered in starred product lines ranging from 1 start to 3 stars. These product lines include both patterned and wood-look tiles.

Where To Get It You can find Congoleum vinyl flooring at home center and flooring retailers. Their website also has a source locator function.
Website www.congoleum.com

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Mannington vinyl flooring choices are available in both sheet and tile form. Mannington offers a large number of products with several hundred designs and colors.

The Adura® product line includes Mannington's vinyl tiles and planks. They also offer Adura Grout, a special acrylic grout that can be used between the vinyl tiles for a realistic tiled-floor appearance.

Product features include the following technologies:
  • Natureform Optix™ using the latest innovations in printing, texturing and finishing for realistic looking patterns
  • NatureForm™ patented embossing technology
  • ScratchResist™ providing abrasion resistance
  • Guardian™ Protection, an enhanced construction to resist tears, gouges and indentations
  • Never Yellow Warranty offering a 100% guarantee against yellowing from the use of rubber-backed mats
Where To Get It You can find Mannington vinyl flooring at retailers selling flooring and home products. Their website also has a store locator function.
Website www.mannington.com

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Highlights Tarkett's sheet vinyl flooring choices are grouped into 3 collections:
  • Good Living™ - most affordable collection made up of various patterns including wood and stone looks
  • Better Living™ - mid-priced and mid-quality vinyl
  • Best Living™ - includes their top level vinyl products with their highest warranty and texturing and durability technologies

Technologies include such things as TruTex™ and Nature's Touch®, finishing and texturing treatments to capture the look of wood, tile and stone. Their Guardian Protection System® features an "enhanced" wear layer for resistance to scuffs and stains.

Tarkett's vinyl tiles are actually carried under the Nafco label (see the information below).

Where To Get It Tarkett sheet vinyl is sold at carpet and flooring retail centers. Their website has a source locator function.
Website www.tarkett-floors.com

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Nafco makes luxury vinyl tiles and is a Tarkett brand. They can be glued down or they can be applied using the Quik-Stik pre-applied adhesive.

Features include rolled edge and beveled edge treatments for their wood-look lines as well as the Tritonite® wear layer which has ceramic microspheres embedded in the urethane finish for better surface protection.

One interesting feature with the stone-look tiles is their GroutFit® edge. One edge of the tile mimics the full grout line of a tile floor and the opposing edge of a mating tile ends at the edge of the stone print. This provides a more realistic look than if the seam between each tile ran down the middle of the grout line which typically degrades the visual realism.

Where To Get It Nafco tiles are sold at flooring and carpet retail centers. See the store locator feature on their website.
Website www.nafco.com

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Lonseal manufactures a wide range of vinyl flooring and vertical surfacing products and touts themselves as an industry leader in technological, textural and visual innovations.

One of the areas of innovation relates to making greener vinyl floors - green as in more environmentally friendly. Lonseal has several products that contain recycled vinyl content, one in particular being their LonEco vinyl floor choice. It contains 50% recycled content and uses their GreenAir technology for reduced VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.

Where To Get It

Lonseal caters primarily to markets outside the home such as the retail, health care, fitness and safety business sectors. However that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get their products for residential applications.

Contact their customer service and ask them if there are any distributors in your local area and/or simply ask them how you can best obtain their products as a homeowner. It may be that you can have it ordered through a local flooring center via one of Lonseal's distributors. It's worth checking into, particularly when greener vinyl floor choices aren't that prevalent.

Website www.lonseal.com

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