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Wood Countertop Sources

Diverse Makers Equate to Diverse Choices

Wood countertop sources range from larger companies to smaller, local shops. Some produce countertops in higher quantities with pre-established sizes while others produce strictly custom products made to your specific tastes and specifications.

You can first check locally to see if there are any wood countertop fabricators in your area. You might just get lucky and have a skilled carpenter that can produce quality work. Check your yellow pages under "countertops" or talk with local kitchen design firms to see if they know of good resources.

If you can't find any fabricators close to you, check out the following resources. Virtually all of them make custom products and can ship them wherever they need to go.

If you landed on this page but really aren't that familiar with wood countertops, click here to get to the wood countertops page. It offers more information about what you should consider as well as the various options that are available when choosing a wood countertop. There's also a link back to this page should you want to check out these resources once you've become more familiar with wood counters.

Wood Countertop Sources

Antique Woodworks         Blockhead Blocktops
Brooks Custom         Craft-Art
DeVos Custom Woodworking         Texas Woodworks
Grothouse Lumber Company         J.Aaron
John Boos         Lafor Wood Products
Raging River Counterworks         Signature Custom Woodworking
Spekva         Wood Welded®

Antique Woodworks

Highlights Antique Woodworks offers wood countertops made from reclaimed wood. Their countertops are sealed with a water-based polyurethane or tung oil. Any cracks or imperfections that are a natural resultant from the aged wood are sealed with an epoxy.
Where To Get It Countertops are available directly from Antique Woodworks. Contact them for a quote.
Website www.antiquewoodworks.com/countertops.shtml

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Blockhead Blocktops

Highlights Blockhead Blocktops makes butcher block countertops from a variety of wood species including northern hardwoods like oak, ash, birch, maple, walnut, cherry and others. Countertops are available in a variety of pre-established sizes or can be custom made per your requirements.
Where To Get It Wood counter tops are ordered directly from Blockhead Blocktops via their contact information on their website.
Website www.blocktop.net

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Brooks Custom

Highlights Brooks Custom makes countertops in a number of different materials but their wood products range from wide-plank premium tops to standard plank tops, end grain chopping blocks and edge grain countertops. They also have a wide range of wood species to choose from.
Where To Get It Countertops are ordered directly from Brooks Custom based on drawings and plans that you provide for your specific countertop dimensions.
Website www.brookscustom.com

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Craft Art

Highlights The Craft-Art Company focuses on making custom, furniture-grade, high-end products. They have a large range of wood species to choose from which includes reclaimed wood and some exotic species too like teak and tigerwood. Countertops are offered in edge grain, face grain (or "plank" style) and end grain.
Where To Get It Craft-Art wood countertops are available through one of their network dealers. Call or email them for a dealer nearest your location.
Website www.craft-art.com

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DeVos Woodworking

Highlights DeVos Custom Woodworking is a small family business that specializes in solid wood counter and island tops. They have a broad range of wood species to choose from and two finish types (mineral oil and Waterlox tung oil-based finish).
Where To Get It DeVos countertops are obtained by contacting them directly. Products are quoted and made to your plans and specifications.
Website www.devoswoodworking.com

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Texas Woodworks


Texas Woodworks is a family-run business located in Katy, Texas which which specializes in the fabrication of wood countertops, tables and cutting boards. Every product is a custom-made piece created according to each customer's specifications.

Where To Get It Countertops are available directly from Texas Woodworks. For more information contact them via the contact form on their website.
Website www.texaswoodwrks.com

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Grothouse Lumber


Grothouse Lumber makes wood countertops in all grain variations (edge, face and end grain). They offer over 40 wood species and carry a large selection of edge profiles. You can also ask them to create a custom edge profile too.

Grothouse makes their Durata finish that they tout as being truly water and chemical proof. Another nifty feature is that they can incorporate inlays of other kinds of wood for pattern variation or metal rods to use as trivets for hot pots.

Where To Get It Countertops are available directly from Grothouse. Contact them via phone, email or fax, all listed on their website.
Website www.glumber.com

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J. Aaron LLC

Highlights J. Aaron is an artisan shop located in Georgia that makes wood as well as concrete countertops. They offer counters in face grain, edge grain and end grain orientations. For those looking for green options, J. Aaron offers reclaimed wood countertops as well as wood counters made from Lyptus®, a sustainable, plantation-grown hardwood derived from the eucalyptus tree. Each J. Aaron wood countertop is made to your custom requirements and shipped to your location.
Where To Get It Countertops are available directly from J. Aaron LLC. Contact them for quotes and additional information.
Website www.jaaroncaststone.com

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John Boos


A company that's been in business for over 100 years, John Boos specializes in butcher block countertops and islands as well as free-standing butcher blocks. Their ultra premium countertops are made from American hard rock maple, Appalachian red oak or Lyptus. They also offer other wood species like black walnut and cherry.

Countertops can be preserved using a penetrating mineral oil or their Varnique finish. Countertops are prefabricated but offered in a wide range of sizes and in several thicknesses.

Where To Get It Products can be ordered from their dealer network as well as through online sources (simply search for "John Boos countertops"). See their website for dealers in your area.
Website www.johnboos.com

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Lafor Wood Products

Highlights Located in British Columbia, Canada, Lafor makes edge grain solid wood countertops and end grain butcher blocks. Countertops are made in pre-established panel sizes in varying lengths and thicknesses however customized panels are also available.
Where To Get It Contact Lafor directly for information on how to purchase their wood countertop products.
Website www.hardwoodcountertops.com

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Raging River Counterworks


In their own words Raging River Counterworks has been making furniture-quality wood countertops for the last 10 years. They differentiate themselves by producing wider plank, face grain wood countertops rather than a butcher block style. They tout their products as being able to perform in a wet environment.

Another unique aspect is their construction concept which uses a plywood sub-layer under the wood countertop. The plywood base is attached to the cabinet structure whereas the wood countertop is allowed to "float" and move with changes in humidity without the risk of binds or cracks. They offer two finishes: the Watershed finish which includes several coats of glazes and a catalytic topcoat to fully seal the wood. The other is an oiled finish, meant more for food prep and work areas.

Where To Get It You can purchase countertops by contacting Raging River and submitting a quote request. Contact information is available on their website.
Website www.rrcwoodcountertops.com

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Signature Custom Woodworking


Signature Custom Woodworking specializes in the manufacture of custom designed wood countertops. They offer a wide range of woods including exotic woods. They state that if they don't have the wood species you want on hand, they can still get it for you.

All tops are made to your specifications and there is no additional charge for any edge treatments, sink cutouts or other unique design features. Signature Custom Woodworking can also make wood countertops with curved-strip wood where the wood strips are actually bent into a curved shape.

Where To Get It Contact Signature directly for more information and/or ordering products. Contact information is available on their website.
Website www.signaturecustomwoodworking.com

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Highlights SPEKVA is a European company based in Denmark with outlets in Denmark, the UK and the US. SPEKVA offers individuality by offering 20 types of wood, 3 different thicknesses, 18 edge profiles and several surface treatments. Finishes are either oil or soap-based. Woods range from the more common species like Oak to exotic woods like Wenge, Bubinga and Merbau.
Where To Get It To find where these products are available you'll need to contact SPEKVA directly, whether in Europe or in the US. They will then provide you with information on where to locate and buy their products. Contact information is available on their website.
Website www.spekva.dk

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Wood Welded®

Highlights Wood Welded® is the trademark name for the combined companies of the Michigan Maple Block Co. and the Bally Block Co. Wood Welded specializes in butcher block countertops. Woods include such species as Maple, Red Oak, Lyptus, Ash, Black Walnut and Black Cherry. Products are made in both prefabricated as well as custom sizes.
Where To Get It Countertops can be purchased through their distributor network located in all 50 states and in Canada. See their website for a distributor list.
Website www.mapleblock.com

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