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A Real Life Experience

Part 1 Of Our Real Life Remodeling Journey

Publisher's Comments

The following story is part of a series of articles about my family's experience with our home's remodel. Links to the other stories are found at the bottom of the page.

Home remodeling can take on many forms, from a small bathroom upgrade to a full-blown, whole-house makeover. Regardless of the scope, I'd venture a guess that most homeowners think about remodeling their home in some fashion at one point or another.

My wife, Cindy, and I certainly thought about it. We had already accomplished a few minor upgrades on our 1965 suburban two-story. The most extensive was a remodel to the small first floor bathroom. That is, until we decided to expand our small family room and totally renovate the kitchen.

When friends of ours have taken the leap and decided to remodel, I've always watched and listened intently to see how their project progressed, taking mental notes along the way, wanting to know what the process is really like. I don't think I'm too out of the ordinary either, since most people like to hear about another person's experience with something they're interested in.

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So that's why I wrote this series of articles about what I like to call "Our Real Life Remodeling Journey". I call it that because in a sense, it was a journey that our entire family undertook.

Home Remodeling PlanBefore (Click Image For Larger View)

We went from a dream to a plan to lots of demolition and dust to eating in our living room and just simply 'working through' the time when a good portion of our house was torn up and messy.

But the end result was terrific. What it's done for the way we live has been tremendous and I'd do it again in a heartbeat (provided I came along a pot of cash at the end of a rainbow someplace!).

Anyway, I've put together these articles so that you can tag along and see how we survived. If you're thinking of remodeling at some point, maybe these articles will give you a feel for what it's like and what to expect. Obviously every remodel is different and some will be more or less extensive than ours. But the "bones" of any remodel are the same -- planning, preparing, going through the demolition and rebuilding (oh yes, and writing a lot of checks too).

Home Remodling PlanAfter (Click Image For Larger View)

Throughout this series of articles I've also tossed in some recommendations where I think they're appropriate that might be helpful in your own remodel.

The scope of our remodeling included adding a larger family room, completely renovating the original kitchen and opening it into the family room. We also added a much-needed mudroom too.

Although mudroom's aren't that glamorous to talk about, I'm personally thrilled that we finally have a place for our three boys to shed their backpacks, boots and all of the dirt that rides in with them, before they get into the kitchen. In the old layout you basically walked right into the hallway and the kitchen.

So come along and see how the journey went. Each article will have a box at the bottom of the page with links to the rest of the articles in the series. Skip around or follow through the sequence -- it's your call.

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