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Discount Bathroom Vanity Sources

Here's where you can find out about the various discount bathroom vanity sources that are available. We've listed a number of places, both online and offline so it should give you a head start in your shopping efforts.

There's also more information about discount bathroom vanities here. It discusses what's meant by the term "discount" and offers guidance on what you can expect to get at that price point.

If you're completely new to the bathroom vanity selection process you can check out the article on choosing a bathroom vanity. It talks about what's involved in choosing a bathroom vanity, the styles that are available and things that you should consider before buying.

Online Discount Bathroom Vanity Sources

Shopping online is an easy way to cover a lot of ground when looking for a

discount bathroom vanity. Sources are plenty and they provide an easy way to see the products and learn more about them.

An important factor regarding discount bathroom vanity sources is the ability to search and more importantly, sort, a website's products by price. Having this feature makes it easy to drill down to the lower-priced vanities rather than having to search through pages of products.

Here's a listing of online retailers that offer some lower-priced vanities as well as the ability to sort their inventory by price. At some of these websites you'll first have to select a category like 'modern' or 'antique' vanities and then you can sort by price.

Also keep in mind our threshold for a "discount" vanity is set at $500.

Bathroom Glass Vanities
Don't let the name fool you because they have wood and wood-based bath vanities. They have a few models under $500.

Home & Stone
Several products under $500 and a wider range under $750. For some products you need to contact Home & Stone in order to see the actual price. This is because it's actually less than the minimum advertised price allowed by the manufacturer.

Just Vanities
Offers a number of products under $500.

Lots of choices, mostly of the cabinet-looking genre, but plenty of options under our discount price of $500.

Modern Bathroom
A few models under $500 but most are small glass designs. Wider selection in the $600-$800 range.

Quality Bath
A small number of models for under about $500.

The Home Depot
Another good source for a wider selection under our discount price threshold. However there's not much information on the materials and construction used on some of the models.

Keep in mind that these sources have many more choices for bathroom vanities but they're above the discount price threshold of $500.

The sources listed below also carry discount bathroom vanity choices, some more than others, but they currently don't have an easy sort system on their website. In these cases you're limited to searching for low cost vanities by hunting through various categories making it a much less efficient process.

Bath Gems
Bath Gems has small selection of vanities for under $500. Despite the small number there's some diverse styling which isn't locked in to the box-cabinet look.

KitchenSource.com carries a wide selection of vanities including antique and furniture-look styles however there's no way to sort by price (you're limited to clicking through several pages of a style you like until you get to the price of the unit which may or may not be in your target range).

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Offline (Brick-and-Mortar Store) Sources

Offline sources for discount bathroom vanities include your local building supply and home centers. Places like Lowe's and The Home Depot carry some units in the store but your selection might actually be broader at their online stores (see the "online" section above).

Another source can be local cabinet shops if there are any in your area. The upside is that you may be able to get a custom-made unit. However getting one at a discount price might be hit or miss depending on the cabinet maker, the size you choose, etc. One of the benefits of the big-box stores is that they offer mass-produced vanity cabinets and you often benefit from these economies of scale.

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Publisher's Comments -
A Final Thought On Where To Go

After looking through a whole host of websites for a discount vanity choice that fell under $500, I found the widest selection at Lowe's and Home Depot.

Sure, the other online stores had some models in that discount price range but the selection was limited, very limited in some cases, with less than 4 models available.

Was I surprised? To some degree, yes. Granted, some of the very cheap bathroom vanities at the big-box stores are bland base cabinets devoid of much character. But I was also surprised to find larger units for what I considered a very good price, particularly when compared to similar units at online vanity stores for the same price.

Just as an example, one of the units carried by Lowe's is a 60" wide vanity made by KraftMaid Cabinetry for about $580. It's a smidgeon above our $500 threshold but 60" wide is a substantial vanity. And it's a lot larger than what I could find at other places for a similar price.

Bottom line? Don't overlook the big home centers for discount bathroom vanity sources. They might just end up being the place where you get the most for your money.

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