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Discount Bathroom Vanities

Selection And Quality Varies

Finding the right bathroom vanity isn't ordinarily too difficult, but finding discount bathroom vanities can be another story -- at least finding the one that satisfies your taste, expectations and your budget.

How Do You Define "Discount" Bathroom Vanities?

The term "discount" means different things to different people and it's the same for discount bathroom vanities too. While some might see paying $1200 for a 36" vanity a real bargain, others view this as a high-end purchase.

For the sake of this article and the fact that it's specifically about "discount" bathroom vanities, we'll define "discount" as $500 US and less. Considering that a bathroom vanity is really a piece of furniture, it's reasonable to conclude that $500 would qualify as a discount price. This is particularly true if it also includes the plumbing fixtures like the sink and faucets as well as the vanity top.

Before you get too far ahead of yourself it may help to get a better understanding of what's involved in choosing a bathroom vanity. There are a number of things to consider that might influence the size, style and quality you ultimately choose.

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What You'll Get For A Discount Price

Discount bathroom vanities do exist. However, if you have grand visions of getting a double-sink vanity or one of those large ornate or antique looking pieces of furniture, be prepared to be disappointed. Either that or redefine your definition of discount.

What You'll Typically Get For $500 Or Less

The kind of bathroom vanity you'll get for the price of about $500 will vary somewhat depending on the style you choose and where you get it.

The area where you'll probably get the most for your money is with the cabinet-style bath vanities. These vanities are essentially base cabinets and look very similar to the base cabinets used in the kitchen. They sit on the floor and usually don't have any legs. For the sake of clarity, we'll call this type of vanity a "base-cabinet" vanity for the rest of this article.

These types of discount bathroom vanities usually afford you more storage space and a more generous countertop area. This is because you can usually get a larger unit than you could with one of the more stylish contemporary glass or antique-look vanities, for the same price.

Home centers and building supply retailers carry these types of discount bathroom vanities and you'll be able to find some for well under $500.

If you're looking for something a bit more fashionable than the boxier base-cabinet vanities, you have a wide variety of options but the number of choices in the discount category diminishes.

Discount bathroom vanities in the more stylish categories will usually be smaller (narrower width) and won't offer the type of storage capacity that a base-cabinet vanity will. In some cases, there will be little to no storage as some of these vanities at this price are minimalistic designs and/or wall-mounted units.

Bumping up the "discount" price point to about $600 or $700 will give you a somewhat wider selection of vanities to choose from.

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Some Considerations To Think About

One thing to keep in mind when shopping for that discount vanity is that the familiar saying of 'you get what you pay for' still holds true. Understanding your particular needs as they pertain to a vanity style and knowing a few things about how they're made will help you make

a good buying decision.

Bathroom vanities come in various widths but also in several heights. Vanities that are too low can be bothersome and uncomfortable while vanities that are too high may be difficult for young children to access without a step-stool.

The construction quality of the vanity is important too, particularly if it's in a full bathroom equipped with a shower. Discount bathroom vanities may be easy on the budget but if they can't stand up to the high moisture levels in a bathroom you'll be replacing it sooner rather than later.

Many of the furniture-style and reproduction antique vanities incorporate pressed wood fiber materials (known as MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard). MDF is used in a lot of cabinetry but it might not do well in a moist environment particularly if the finish chips off.

Publisher's Comments

I learned this the hard way with one of my own pieces of bathroom furniture. The piece was made with a combination of wood and MDF.

After a few years of what I'd consider light use the painted finish chipped and/or wore off in certain areas, particularly on corners and edges. What was revealed underneath was the MDF fibers that subsequently "fuzzed up" and expanded due to moisture from daily showers. Needless to say that I now prefer to minimize or eliminate altogether this kind of cabinet construction in my bathrooms that have showers.

Remember that most vanities, regardless of style, are essentially bathroom cabinets and the principles of good quality cabinet construction still apply. Things like dovetail drawers, quality finishes and solid wood and/or plywood construction are preferable for durability and longevity.

This type of information isn't always included in the description of a discount bathroom vanity, or other vanities for that matter, though some retailers do supply it. If it's not readily apparent, ask questions. If you're shopping online call the retailer to get more specific information. If they can't supply it to you shop around and don't get locked in to a vanity just based on looks and/or a cheap price.

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Where To Get Them

There's a variety of sources for discount bathroom vanities. You can get them from online retailers or offline home centers and building supply outlets. Click here to see a list of sources and some additional information regarding where you can buy them.

If you do some internet searches on your own using the words "discount bathroom vanities" be aware that you'll find a number of results that come back with those words in the title or somewhere in the results description. Just keep in mind that many of those retailers put the keywords "discount bathroom vanities" in their description yet their prices are similar to most other vanity sellers.

You'll also see the "list price" crossed out and "our price" highlighted, the latter usually being significantly lower than the list price. Again, the asking price is usually similar to other retailers though it does provide the illusion that you're getting a significant markdown.

If you still have your heart set on one of those larger furniture-style or antique-looking vanities but at discount prices consider the do-it-yourself route. It's a little more involved but it's an alternative way to get a cheap bathroom vanity for the look of something a bit more expensive.

It involves using a piece of furniture like an old chest of drawers and modifying it to accept a sink and faucet. You can sometimes pick them up cheaply at yard sales, antique or old furniture dealers, or you might just have one in your home already that's not being used. It does take some skill but if you're fairly handy, it might be a way to get you a unique vanity for much less than you could purchase one for. You can usually find procedures on how to do this on the internet by searching for "convert dresser to vanity" or some similar wording.

Bottom line? -- shop around and take some notes. Finding discount bathroom vanities takes a little time but the reward could be a little bit more money left in your budget.

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